5200mAh battery laptop for Asus A32-k53 A42-K53 A31-K53 A41-K53 A43 A53 K43 K53 X43 X44 X53 X54 X84 X53SV


Why do I need a battery?

The battery can keep your computer still working when the power is off, the high capacity battery can be used even longer.

How to order battery?

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Why do I need a battery?

The battery can keep your computer still working when the power is off, the high skill battery can be used even longer.

How to order battery?

The best way to find the battery you need is searching by the original battery code, and compare the picture of the battery, check the interface
Use "Ctrl+F" to search the key words from the website
if you still can not make sure the battery, please contact us.
For the shipment, we will provide the tracking number and the shipping method.
Please take care your battery, the recharge cycle is in accordance with how you use the battery, don’t overcharge, don’t keep the battery in the wet environment, and please don’t put water on the battery. Thank you 
Most of the high skill battery (7800mAh, 10400mAh) will have some convex, see the pictures below .


This  battery is compatible with following part numbers:
for Asus
  • A31-K53    A32-K53    A41-K53    A42-K53 
This battery is compatible with following models:
for Asus
  • A43 Series
  • A43B
  • A43BY
  • A43E
  • A43F
  • A43J
  • A43JA
  • A43JB
  • A43JC
  • A43JE
  • A43JF
  • A43JG
  • A43JH
  • A43JN
  • A43JP
  • A43JQ
  • A43JR
  • A43JU
  • A43JV
  • A43S
  • A43SJ
  • A43SV
  • A43U
  • A53 Series
  • A53B
  • A53BY
  • A53E
  • A53F
  • A53J
  • A53JA
  • A53JB
  • A53JC
  • A53JE
  • A53JH
  • A53JQ
  • A53JR
  • A53JT
  • A53JU
  • A53S
  • A53SD
  • A53SJ
  • A53SV
  • A53T
  • A53TA
  • A53U
  • K43 Series
  • K43B
  • K43BY
  • K43E
  • K43F
  • K43J
  • K43S
  • K43SJ
  • K43SV
  • K43U
  • K53 Series
  • K53B
  • K53BY
  • K53E
  • K53F
  • K53J
  • K53S
  • K53SD
  • K53SJ
  • K53SV
  • K53T
  • K53TA
  • K53U
  • X43 Series
  • X43B
  • X43BY
  • X43E
  • X43J
  • X43JE
  • X43JF
  • X43JR
  • X43JX
  • X43S
  • X43SJ
  • X43SR
  • X43SV
  • X43T
  • X43U
  • X43V
  • X44 Series
  • X44C
  • X44H
  • X44HO
  • X44HY
  • X44L
  • X44LY
  • X53S Series
  • X53SV-SX097V
  • X53SV-SX111V
  • X53SV-SX117V
  • X53SV-SX132V
  • X53SV-SX173V
  • X53SV-SX179V
  • X53SV-SX200V
  • X53SV-SX213V
  • X53SV-SX214V
  • X53SV-SX218V
  • X53SV-SX231V
  • X53SV-SX246
  • X53SV-SX296V
  • X54 Series
  • X54F
  • X54H
  • X54HB
  • X54HY
  • X54K
  • X54L
  • X54LB
  • X54LY
  • X84 Series
  • X84C
  • X84H
  • X84HO
  • X84HY
  • X84L
  • X84LY
  • X84S
  • X84SL

Receive the goods, please check the package of goods and if damaged or lost, please refuse. If receiving goods that meaned no problem and be deemed not lost.


1. Items are only shipped after payment is received.
2. We ship items via post office air mail or other express service nominated by the buyer.
3. Free shipping items only for the selected countries, please check the shipping and packaing list for details. For dispatching smoothing and fast, we may ship items via other courier, the decision of us is final.
4. Delivery time mostly depends on local situation and post service.
UPS DHL Fedex and TNT three-7 working days. 
EMS 5-14 working days
HK post 7-21 Days.
5. If yo don’t receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for extra assistance.
6. In order to ensure you receive your order tax free upon import, we will declare as "Gift/sample" with low value and any import charges or fees are the buyer’s responsibility.
7. The lower price does not reflect the total price you paid or the market value of the products.
8. Dropping, we support dropshipping. Please remark "dropshipping" on 
your order note.



We settle for the payment nominated by aliexpress only( Escrow, T/T, western union, credit card etc)

In case you occur any payment problems when you make the order, please contact us for assistance.


The items have been checked by QC before delivery If you receive damaged items or defective items, do not click the "confirm delivery" button, please take photos of them and contact us ASAP.

Items returned must be the same condition as receive and in original package and content.

We will need to receive and inspect your return before a refund or exchange will be given, the return shipping fee will be paid by the buyer. We don’t refund the shipping charges.
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A41-K53 A31-K53 A41-K53 k53s X54H


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