3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ inch Ceramic Knife Set Kitchen Knives with Peeler For Cooking Tool


3" 4" 5" 6" inch Ceramic Knife Set Kitchen Knives with Peeler For Cooking Tool
 Item : Ceramic knife set 3" 4" 5" 6" inch

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3" 4" 5" 6" inch Ceramic Knife Set Kitchen Knives with Peeler For Cooking Tool



 Item : Ceramic knife set three" 4" 5" 6" inch + Peeler + Acrylic Holder block

size : 3" 4" 5" 6" inch

Package includes:

1 * 6" Chef knife

1 * 5" Slicing knife

1 * 4" Fruit slicer

1 * 3" Fruit parer

1 * Peeler

Blade material: Ceramic
Handle material: ABS
Color of knives: Red tackle + white blade  ;  Orange tackle + white blade ; Green tackle + White blade ; Blue tackle + white blade

Method of operation

1, the blade itself is sharp and straightforward to cut your hands, storage should be especially careful, you should pay attention not to contact with children, in order to avoid misuse;

2, ceramic knives should cooperate wood, bamboo cutting board, chopping boards used in conjunction with antibacterial better, but you should avoid using the stone chopping block, do not make it subject to high temperatures, do not use high temperature sterilization Xiaoduwangui (handle not heat );


1, in the cutting of the process do not twist the knife;

2. Do not use ceramic kitchen knife cut frozen (or fully thawed) foods, raw cakes with flesh and fish, crabs and other hard objects;

3. Do not wash ceramic knives in the dishwasher, can be used in water or detergent, air dry;

4, please use extra attention on the blade of the knife, the blade is extremely sharp;

5, please stay away from children, the kitchen knife into the child can not come into contact with local custody, in order to avoid unintended injury;

6. Use a wooden or plastic chopping board and avoid use on stone chopping block;

7. Do not let the knife throwing knife broken at high altitude;

8. Do not use knifed, chop, knock, pry, throw and hit, do not use the knife when the lever;

9, the ceramic knife on the holder, knife block or other stable environment;

10. Do not try for yourself Brothers;

11. Do not put in place the knife away from the fire source too close to avoid plastic knife tackle so the deformation;

12, the blade portion is dirty, stained, etc. Available kitchen soaked with bleach. Do not wipe clean with a metal ball, etc., may be due to the role of lead metal blade black powder.






Additional information

Knife Type

Paring Knives


Ceramic+ ABS

Brand name

brand new



Model Number

Fruit Knife






Kitchen knife

Item Type

Fruit Knife


as the photo shown



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