100% Original Genuine Samsung TF Micro SD card Class 10 C10 32GB 32 G 32 GB MicroSD SDHC MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card 32GB-F


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We sell 100% original  New band.  100%  real,

The last day of the sale promotion
Brand new in sealed package
This a new genuine item,in sealed retail package to find item.
This is not somethiing you buy,test,play and return to seller.
Please BUY only if you really need it and know what to do with it.

Not all devices support microSDHC 32GB cards.Please contact your device manufacture for details.To ensure compatibility,look for the microSDHC logo on the product or packaging of your new phone or PDA.



Below is customer feedback , it is a one hundred% oringal and real card

Samsung tf card  (16)



1.32GB UHS-I Class 10 High Capacity CF Memory Card is in new condition
2.It is is one of the smallest formats available in consumer electronics
3.This card expands memory capacity for mobile phones or any other devices of a TF card slot
4.Low battery consumption
5.Non-volatile solid-state, data is not lost when power is turned off
6.Security level complies with both current and future security digital music
7.Initiative(SDMI) portable device requirements
8.Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices

1. Capacity: 32GB 
2. Class : UHS-I CLASS 10


Package Includes:      

1 x  microSDHC card   

1 x SD card adaptor   

1 x SD card Plastic Box
1X Micro sd card reader
1X Touch pen (hight-sensitive stylus pen)

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Actual Write Speed >10 MB/S   
), Speed factor with the computer system  ,card reader are all related
Note: the transmission speed is according to  your system effectiveness (hardware, software, use the way),which make a difference.
About the problem of flash memory products test speed
All the flash memory products marking are from the official data, we can ensure that quality goods, computer hardware configuration, card reader is good or not, at the same time to test whether the other software, these will influence the test results, and don’t accept and speed the problem about the refund, thank you for your understanding.


My Company  promise: my company’s products are brand new ,not Capacity Expansion. Original enough Capacity and speed, running more stable and fast, and better protect your precious material.

transcend  UHS-I (4)

Samsung tf card  (3)
Samsung tf card  (1)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (8)

Samsung 32GB-U1 (9)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (10)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (5)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (4)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (3)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (2)
Samsung 32GB-U1 (13)
Note: due to packaging updates fast, the abover packaging is only the reference, the actual product shall prevail
1-one pc ALL IN ONE card reader—   
random color
2–Micro SD to SD adapter & card store box
3-one pc touch pen(   
hight-sensitive stylus pen)   
random color
touch pen (8)
touch pen- (1)
touch pen- (2)





Questions and Answers:

Why actual capacity is smaller than 
indicate the capacity ?
Before you purchase hard disk, usb flash drive or flash memory card after, careful you will find that, in the operation system of hard disk, usb flash disk or flash memory card capacity and official nominal capacity discrepancy, are less than nominal capacity, capacity is larger, the difference is this. Nominal forty gb, in operating systems show only 38 gb, 80 gb hard drive only have seventy five gb, and one hundred twenty gb of a hard disk is only 114 gb, this is not the manufacturer or distributor shoddy cheat consumption person, but hard disk vendors to capacity calculation method and the calculation method of operating system caused by the different, different unit conversion relation of cause.
 As is known to all, in computer use binary, such cause in the operation system of capacity calculation is every 1024 for a into system, every 1024 bytes for 1 KB, every 1024 KB to 1 MB and 1024 MB per 1 gb, every 1024 gb 1 TB, and hard disk vendors in the calculation of the capacity in every one thousand is for a into system, every one thousand bytes for 1 KB, every one thousand KB to 1 MB, every one thousand KB to 1 MB and one thousand MB per 1 gb, every one thousand gb 1 TB, the binary of the bad different caused flash class capacity "shrink".
 With eight GB of U disk, for example: manufacturers capacity calculation method: 8 GB = 8000000 KB = 8000000000 bytes, conversion into operating system calculation methods: 8000000000 word day / 1024/1024/1024 = 7.450580596923828125 GB hard drive, need to partition and formatting, operating system differences, plus installation operation system copy file behavior, hard disk will be tied up more space, so the operating system shows that the hard disk capacity and nominal capacity differences, so practical capacity is nominal capacity between ninety% – 93% is normal.


Storage manufacturers generally the decimal:
 1 TB = 10 * 3 GB = 1000 GB
 1 gb = 10 * 3 MB = 1000 MB
 1 MB = 10 * 3 KB = 1000 KB
 1 KB = 10 * 3 Byte = 1000 Byte
Windows operating system USES binary:
 1 TB = 2 * 10 GB = 1024 GB
 1 gb = 2 * 10 MB = 1024 MB
 1 MB = 2 * 10 KB = 1024 KB
 1 KB = 2 * 10 Byte = 1024 Byte
Because the algorithm is not consistent, lead to storage products of nominal capacity and practical capacity appear error, the greater the capacity, capacity "loss" is bigger, eventually lead to three TB large capacity hard disk in the Windows operating system display 2.72 TB.
According to the "information technology mobile storage usb flash disk general standard" regulation: "product actual can use capacity is equal to or greater than ninety% of the indicate capacity"




Samsung group  is South Korea’s first big enterprise, is also a multinational enterprise group, the samsung group includes numerous international affiliated enterprise, the subsidiary of samsung electronics, samsung products and samsung life, etc., is the fortune magazine voted world 500 strong enterprises.Flagship subsidiary of samsung electronics, global enterprise market value of $142.3 billion in 2012, the 26.Sales of $2009 in 117.8 billion, overtaking HP to become the world’s biggest electronics company revenue.










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TF / Micro SD Card

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Read/Write Speed

Class 10

Model Number

Class 10 UHS-I


Class 10 UHS-I


> 10 MB/S


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